J O E Y   S Y K E S   O F F E R S
M U L T I P L E   M U S I C - R E L A T E D   S E R V I C E S :

P R O D U C E R :

Joey can FULLY produce your song, making it sound album/radio ready. This includes all instruments, mix, mastering, etc. He can also create it for any genre of your preference, including;

  • Rock
  • Country
  • RnB
  • Pop
  • Etc.

To hear samples, please submit your request here. Prices will vary based on how much time is needed.

C U S T O M   S O N G :

Joey can write, either with you or for you, a custom song for any occasion including;

  • a love song for spouse/partner
  • wedding songs
  • special events
  • or simply help you with an idea
Each song can be tailored to any specific sound. Samples and prices are available upon request.

G U I T A R I S T   F O R   H I R E :

Joey can record on the following instruments for your song;

  • electric guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • mandolin
  • solos
  • bass guitar

G U I T A R  L E S S O N S :

Joey is now available to give lessons! Inquire at joey@joeysykes.com


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