For the past decade, Joey Sykes has made regular trips to the legendary city of Nashville, Tennessee to collaborate with some of that city's top songwriters and studio musicians. He’s accrued a vast catalog of country tunes which combine the top-notch talent of Nashville with Joey's writing, arranging and production skills.


N A S H V I L L E   C O L L A B O R A T O R S :

Mark Adam
Jennifer Adan
Dylan Altman
Jessica Andrews
Kelly Archer
Steve Azar
Jane Bach
Nathan Barlowe
Kris Bergsness
Katy Blake
Dave Brainard
Kevin Brinsfield
Angie Broberg
Jan Buckingham
Matt Cermanski 
Chris Cavanagh
Burton Collins
Gary Corbett
Neal Coty
Michael Davey

Brian Desveux

Bill DiLuigi

Dillon Dixon

Marty Dodson
Joe Doyle
Cece Dubois
Chris Dubois
Will Duvall
Jason Eustice
Jamie Floyd
Keith Follese
Greg Friia
Nicole Galyon
Michael Garvin
John Goodwin
Noah Gordon
Jody Gray
Deanna Harper
The Harters
Scott Harter

Jon Henderson

Lisa Hentrich
Doc Holladay
Rebecca Howard
Tammy Jacobs
Tommy Lee James
Jane Deare Girls
Brandon Jane
Buck Johnson
Greg Johnson
Kelly Keagy
Sarah Lake
Maile Maisson
Jim McCormick
Kara McNealy
Charlie Midnight
Clay Mills
Mike Mobley
James Otto


Marcia Ramirez
Vanessa Reeves
Don Rollins
Trevor Rosen
Pete Sallis
Britt Savage
Kevin Savigar
Scott Sax
Joe Scutella
Danny Simpson
James Slater
Casey Stark
Paul Taylor
Paul Umbach
Steve Walsh
Bryan Wayne
Julie Jean White
Lisa Whitters
Alison Joy Williams
Rachel Williams
Paula Winger


Songs from the Nashville Catalog listed below are available upon request by emailing us here.

All songs were produced by Joey Sykes.

Ain't No Trouble in Paradise (Sykes, Dixon)

As the Good Lord Goes (Sykes, Rollins)

Baby Breathe (Sykes, Chagnon)

Chevrolets (Sykes, Chagnon)

Down in My Pickup (Sykes, Rollins)

Every Town Has a Broadway (Sykes, Ramirez)

Good as Gone (Sykes, Alexander)

Gone Fishin' (Sykes, Chagnon)

I Don't Feel Anything (Sykes, Archer)

Let's Call It a Day (Sykes, Ramirez)

Love Grows in the Sunshine (Sykes, Rollins)

Old Ghost Town (Sykes, Henderson)

One Rainy Day (Sykes, Alexander)

Settle Down (Sykes, Andrews)

Slow and Steady Burn (Sykes, Slater, Chagnon, Andrews)

Some Summertime (Sykes,Broberg, Bergsness)

Something That Will Always Be (Sykes, Otto, Andrews)

This Hat Fits Me Like a Glove (Sykes, Rollins)

Throw Life a Party (Sykes, Coty, Mobley)

T-Shirts N Blue Jeans (Sykes, Alexander)

Where We Goin' (Sykes, Simpson)


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